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Spectrum Day Toronto

1 Day Event

Friday, October 20, 2023

Free Admission, Cocktail Reception with Entertainment, CE Points, Free Parking

 Toronto Congress Centre 

650 Dixon Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 1J1


Technical Program 1

Room: AL Waxman 1-2 

Technical Program 2

Room: AL Waxman 3-4 

SDT-Technical 1

Technical Program 1
Room: AL Waxman 1-2 


Michelle Glover_edited.jpg

Michelle Glover, CDA II

Additive vs Subtractive in the Removable Realm

Michelle Glover, CDA II


In an industry with constant revolving doors of new technology, how does one stay current with additive and subtractive possibilities as they pertain to the removable business? Is there a way to be more efficient at the bench all while increasing revenue? Join Michelle Glover-DaCosta of Dentsply Sirona as she discusses exciting updates to the revolutionary digital denture portfolio that has people talking.



1. Attendees will gain the knowledge of the benefits to both milling or printing dentures.

2. Attendees will learn about the exciting possibilities with implant supported bars and milled/ printed dentures. 

3. Attendees will gain knowledge on the process as it pertains to both the clinical and laboratory workflow and how it can save bench time in the process. 

Michelle Glover-DaCosta graduated with honours from George Brown College as a Level II Dental Assistant. She worked as lead CEREC CDA in private practice for years where she developed her skills in the world of digital dentistry. Michelle became very passionate and well versed in CAD/CAM and the benefits it provides to the dental industry through advanced training with CEREC Doctors. This began her drive to educate and inspire others to understand the benefits of CAD/CAM both from a dental practice and laboratory workflow. In 2016 Michelle join the dental sales industry by accepting a CEREC Representative position with Patterson Dental. It was through her passion for digital dentistry that she accepted the Lab Digital Solution Specialist position with the industries leader in CAD/CAM, Dentsply Sirona. During her time at Dentsply Sirona, she’s been fortunate to help launch innovative solutions such as Primescan, Lucitone Digital Print dentures and the Primeprint Solution. She has since taken on the role of Senior CAD/CAM Territory Manager in North-East Ontario where she looks forward to sharing her knowledge and excitement for digital dentistry with clinicians and their teams.


Kaveh Shams,DT copy.jpg

Kaveh Shams, DT

Let's Talk Aesthetics!
Ultra-thin zirconia veneers with Prettau Skin, clinical and lab procedure.

Kaveh Shams, DT



Kaveh will go through the procedure of designing and milling minimally invasive veneers, from data acquisition, design factors and the material used for this restoration type.  

Kaveh graduated from Lambeth College – London in Dental Technology in 2010. Since then, he worked in multiple dental labs and milling centers in Europe and Canada. He also offered his service to the dental community of Canada as a CAD CAM specialist for numerous dental companies. His passion for digital dentistry made him join Zirkonzahn, and now he works as a CAD CAM expert and the branch manager for Zirkonzahn Canada.

11:00-11:30am   • AM Break  • Exhibit Hall


mark chan

Mark Chan, DD


Gilbert Riendeau, DT

SNF-Logo_black-bigger copy.jpg
New Advancements in 3D Resin for Additive Manufacturing in Dentistry

Mark Chan, DD and Gilbert Riendeau, DT



This session will discuss new innovations in 3D resins

Long Term temporary / Hi Impact Resin
• Cost effective high accuracy model resins
• Printer best practice
Getting started in printing cost effective options
• Proper post-curing procedures to produce best material characteristics

Mark Chan received his diploma from Denturism in Toronto at George Brown College with honours. Currently Mark is practicing in Ontario with a main focus on high-end removable and implant prosthetics. With a passion for both technical and clinical techniques he is certified in Bio-logic, BPS and SDC denture concepts and is a ZunstZhanWerk “Art of Denture” award winning Denturist, he is a sought after consultant and opinion leader in the Denturist and Lab community.

3D Printing Skeletal Parts: Resin VS Metal


Presentation of the two production techniques for digital skeletal parts. Print in burnable resin using traditional casting versus direct printing in metal.

Gilbert Riendeau, DT, Graduated in dental prosthesis techniques since 1992. Mr. Riendeau has specialized in implantology since the start of his career. His career path has allowed him to evolve through traditional as well as digital methods. In 2019, he made his know-how and knowledge available to professionals by starting his own laboratory: MORPHO DENTAL DESIGN by offering tailor-made and fully digital products: Machined implato-supported bar and cast metal skeleton (CrCo and titanium). or machined manufactured in its facilities.

12:30-2:00pm  • Lunch Break  • Exhibit Hall



Peter Pizzi

Your Future by Design.   Artistry, Technology and Our Evolution 

Peter Pizzi CDT, MDT, F.N.G.S.



 What will affect us and our businesses in the future and how you can control its outcome. 

We are at an exciting time where  artistry,technology, products and processes are shaping our industry. In today evolving market place the importance of utilizing technology is paramount to our success. Yet the lose of the artistic process has hurt the dental market. Our goals for the future of the dental health industry is to provide esthetic, functional restorative options to support the physical and financial need of our patients. The Clinical, Technical role is much more demanding today as we must have an understanding  of each of the materials options and technologies that can help us and a clear understanding of the diagnostic communication process to aid our dental partnership in the future of our patients success.  As the clinical and technical side of dentistry continues to evolve, we to must grow and be able to create products for a broad spectrum of our patients. Understanding the diagnostic options and being able to select materials based on our comfort levels will be critical. Although creativity will always be our strength, how we get there must also evolve. Combining our talents for producing the highest quality from traditional methods of fabricating restorations with the best digital technologies available on the market can be an unbeatable combination for satisfying the needs of our patients.


Lecture topics to include:

  • The Future of Artistry and Technology

  • Case management,

  • Diagnostic communication

  • Modern Material selection

  • The use on new technologies

  • The importance of photographic communication and perception

Peter Pizzi CDT, MDT, F.N.G.S. Is a World Wide dental educator for technicians, dentists, and auxillaries  An owner and manager of Pizzi Dental Studio Inc. Staten Island NY  Has a personal appreciation and expertise on all phases of Clinical/Laboratory/Traditional/Digital techniques, color communication and Digital Photography  Board member of ASMDT (Association of Master Dental Technicians)  Teacher and educator in the Master Dental technician program at New York University  Member of the AAED (American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry)  Executive Board Member & Fellow of the NGS (Northeastern Gnathalogical Society)  Editor in Chief, [Inside Dental Technology]  Faculty at NYU School of Dentistry  ACP Technician of the year 2018


Alexandre Chabachevitch.jpg

Alex Chabachevitch, RDT

UDS_logo_V2 copy.jpg
C & B Digital Design Fabrication - Step by Step

Alex Chabachevitch, RDT



  1. See Step by Step how to receive Intraoral scans and or scan analog model / impression

  2. Demonstration of Designing Crowns & Bridges in exocad and and implant based C & B restorations

  3. Milling Zirconia or 3D Printing

  4. Demonstration on Digital wax ups and Model creating

Alex Chabachevich, RDT, was born and educated in Ukraine. He immigrated to Canada in 1991 and discovered an affinity for the Dental Technology Field. Alex, changed his career focus from computers to Dental Technology. He obtained his RDT license in 1998 and soon after, in 2000, he opened his own dental lab in Toronto. The labs is a Crown a Bridge lab that has a strong focus on implantology, aesthetics and digital dentistry. Alex is also partner in Unique Dental Supplies.

4:00-4:30pm   • PM Break  • Exhibit Hall


Matt Tait.jpg

Matt Tait, CDT

The Future of 3D Metal Printing and Future Smart Factory on Digital Production

Matt Tait, CDT



  • The future of 3D metal printing and future smart factory on digital production

  • General process of 3D metal printing through slicing, printing, post treatment to final products

  • Introduction of post-treatment process from heat-treatment, support remove and automatic polishing. Most potential customers think it would be a complex process, but digital production is much easier than traditional casting.

  • Introduction of how to match heat-treatment temperature, process parameter to various metal powders for different product requirements. 

  • How to prepare for digital production transformation, including cost calculation, training, equipment investment and main challenges.

Mr. Matt Tait, over 40 years’ experience as a dental technician working through every aspect of management, specializing in partial frameworks and surgical guides with a good knowledge of CAD/CAM. He was Director of Technical Service in Nobilium and is also expert on 3D metal printing. We think his combination experience on traditional casting and 3D printing is very valuable for us to introduce metal digital production.

5:30-7:00pm  • Cocktail Reception with Entertainment

SDT-Technical 2

Technical Program 2
Room: AL Waxman 3-4 


Colin Kim_edited.jpg

Colin Kim, KOIS Specialist, RDT, CDT, Owner of Astro Dental Art

Jireh Trading.png

Leveraging Thermoforming Machines: Enhancing Production Efficiency with Optimal Techniques.

Colin Kim, KOIS Specialist, RDT, CDT, Owner of Astro Dental Art



Unlock the secrets to improving production efficiency through the strategic use of thermoforming machines. This comprehensive course is designed for manufacturing professionals, production managers, and business owners seeking to optimize their operations and maximize productivity.

By leveraging the capabilities of thermoforming machines, you will learn how to streamline processes, develop new production lines, and accelerate remarkable business growth.

Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical techniques, this course will empower you to drive operational excellence and enhance your bottom line.

Join us on this transformative journey and unlock the potential of thermoforming technology to achieve remarkable efficiency gains and propel your business to new heights.

Colin Kim, recognized specialist at KOIS Centre , Spears Centre and, F.A.C.E institute, is a master ceramist with more than 25 years of experience as a dental technician and is the owner and director of Astro Dental Art. Colin handles all the aspects of dental restoration cases for cosmetic dentistry, strategic planning, and restorative dentistry. He will introduce the Erkodent thermoforming technique and machine for producing the products.


Dr. Zachary Mursic.jpg

Dr. Zachary Mursic

Jonathan Mursic, RDT.jpg

 Jonathan Mursic, RDT

Align Technology.png
Digital workflow Success: From Office to Lab

Dr. Zachary Mursic & Jonathan Mursic, RDT



A comprehensive look into digital workflows of restorative dentistry.  Digital scanning offers greater efficiency, patient comfort and convenience.  By maximizing the technology, and understanding the clinical applications and techniques, superior clinical outcomes can be achieved as well optimized communication with lab partners.  Join us to learn how digital integration can lead to your increased success in your practice.

Dr. Zachary Mursic, HBSc DDS MSD FRCD(c) and Jonathan Mursic, RDT Dr. Mursic attended the La Sierra University honors program, graduating with his Bachelor of Science degree. During his undergrad, Dr. Mursic also worked in multiple dental laboratories and milling centers where he learned many of the unique skills that have helped him develop into the dentist he is today. After working in dental labs for half a decade, Dr. Mursic went on to complete dental school at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. He graduated among the top of his class and received the honor of being inducted into the national OKU dental Fraternity Chapter. Dr. Mursic spent 5 years completing two different advanced dental specialties, Prosthodontics and Advanced Implant Surgery. In 2019 he completed his Canadian board certification in Prosthodontics and became a Fellow of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario. After 14 years of living in the USA he decided to move back to his hometown with his wife and two children and built his own specialty practice, Durham Prosthodontics, in Whitby. Dr. Mursic has broad experience providing patients with complex full mouth, implant, and esthetic reconstructions and always works to get the best for his patients. Jonathan has over 35 years of experience in the dental industry, 15 of them focused on CAD/CAM technologies and digital dentistry. President of 5 Axis Dental Laboratory, Jonathan has operated a boutique cosmetic lab, worked as a dental instructor for both Noritake and Henry Schein, worked as a CAD/CAM technical manager, doing research and development in the U.S., and has lectured and hosted hands-on courses in Canada, the US and Europe. In 2008, Jonathan opened his own CAD/CAM center to serve dentists across Canada and the USA. Currently on the faculty of Align Technology, Jonathan continues to evaluate the latest dental technologies and expand his passion for developing and implementing CAD/CAM dentistry solutions.

11:30am-1:00pm  • Lunch Break  • Exhibit Hall


Karim Head shot.JPG

Karim Sahil, RDT, MDT

Dentarum Canada.jpg
A Complete Application Guide for ceraMotion One Touch

Karim Sahil, RDT, MDT



Dentistry has come a long way. This massive shift in technological advancements has allowed regulated health care professionals to treat patients with laser focus precision. These new advancements have created systematic predictability which allow us to create aesthetically pleasing dental prostheses led by ceraMotion One Touch; a new age of ceramic pastes and their success rate. This seminar will be discussing: 

  • Digital cut back for porcelain paste application.

  • Application of 2d and 3d pastes

  • Controlling the chroma and value

  • Porcelain layering technique using ceraMotion

Karim Sahil RDT, MDT has earned his RDT, MDT, and acquired his Dental Technology certificate at George Brown College. As a Registered Dental Technologist, he earned a certificate of mastery on all five components of Dental Technology, including ceramics, crown and bridge, dentures, partial dentures, and orthodontics. He gained his Master Dental Technologist certificate from New York, USA, on the study of mandibular physiology, occlusion, and full mouth reconstruction. He maintains a dental laboratory in a dental clinic at Yorkville Village Dentistry. He provides services that include cosmetic dentistry, fixed implant restorations, and advanced full mouth restorative prostheses for dentists and oral specialists. He is also the president of the Association of Dental Technologists of Ontario.


EM (16 of 19).jpg

Edgar Munoz, CEO & Dental Tech Specialist

Kuraray logo.tif
The Ultimate Esthetic Team: KATANA Zirconia YML and Esthetic Colorant

Edgar Munoz, CEO & Dental Tech Specialist 



In this live demo at the Kuraray booth, Edgar Munoz will present KATANA YML Zirconia proper techniques for minimal cutback on anterior and posterior restorations, and how to achieve lifelike results using Esthetic Colorant specially developed for KATANA Zirconia Multi Layered series. Attendees will learn how Esthetic Colorant enables easy and efficient imitation of a variety of unique characteristics.

Edgar Munoz, owner of the Elite Dental Studio USA in Georgia, Edgar Munoz, has been a renowned figure in the dental industry. Named one of the Forty Under Forty top dental technicians in the US by the LMT magazine in 2012, Mr. Munoz provides individualized services to dentist clientele who share his ideal of excellent esthetics. His competence in digital dentistry, implant restorations, and crown and bridge encompasses more than 18 years of experience. He has extended his education by participating in several workshops and courses across the US and abroad. Additionally, Mr. Munoz belongs to the Dental Technicians Guild.

3:00-3:30pm   • PM Break • Exhibit Hall


Manny Padda.png

Manny Padda, MBA

Smile Innovations logo.jpg
Maximizing Dental Lab Value for a Successful Exit: Mastering Key Evaluation Criteria 

Manny Padda, MBA



In this insightful presentation, we will dive into the criteria which potential buyers

will review to evaluate your business in order to achieve a successful exit from dental lab ownership. Our speaker, Manny Padda will guide you through critical indicators, including timelines, lab set up, customer retention, market positioning and competitive advantage.


Attendees will gain valuable knowledge on how to assess their dental lab's performance, to maximize its value.


Don't miss this opportunity to learn from an industry leader and prepare for the next chapter of your professional journey.

Manny Padda is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Smile Innovations Group, Canada’s leading dental lab network focused on dental laboratory partnerships and transitions. Prior to founding Smile Innovations, Manny was a self-made entrepreneur, building his first multi-million dollar company, by age 26. Leveraging his powerful network, he made the leap from executive search to investing and has invested in over 150 companies with 30+ exits. Manny is passionate about mentorship and education and has sat on multiple advisory boards in the not-for-profit sectors, including Room to Read, Science World and League of Innovators. It is his personal mission to educate 1 million youth globally. Manny’s work has garnered awards including StartUp Canada’s 2017 National Entrepreneur Promotion Award, NACO’s 2016 Canadian Angel Investor of the Year, EO Global Citizen of the Year, and the 2017 Governor General Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers. He has spoken at events around the world, from Startup Weekend in San Francisco to EO Impact in Zurich and #BCTechSummit in his backyard of Vancouver. Manny has completed Harvard Business School's Private Equity & Venture Capital Program and holds an MBA from Queen's University.


Jillian Swafford.png

Jillian Swafford, CDT

ivoclar_standard_rgb (1).png
The Next Level Zirconia

Jillian Swafford, CDT



Zirconia-based restorations have quickly become the go-to for clinicians and laboratories alike. However, not all zirconia materials are made equal.  In this lecture, we will discuss the latest materials options to combine high strength functionality while achieving maximum esthetics. We will also dive into the process of taking these materials from their green state to adding characterization to enhance the materials natural esthetics.


  • Become knowledgeable about the latest zirconia materials and their clinical application.

  • Understand the process from start to finish to produce highly esthetic restorations.

  • Identify characterization materials to bring esthetics to the next level.

Jillian Swafford, For almost 20 years Jillian has been changing smiles. As a lab owner and technician in Tennessee, USA, she loves working with teams across the US and Canada. She has a passion for the small details that make smiles come alive.

5:30-7:00pm  • Cocktail Reception with Entertainment


TIA-logo-final Black.png

Toronto Implant Academy (TIA)

Nationally Approved PACE Program Provider for FAGD/MAGD credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by any regulatory authority or AGD endorsement. 9-1-2022 to 8-31-2025.
Provider ID# 355116

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