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Speaker and Topic

Lecture : 6:00PM - 9:00PM (EST)

3 CE Points


Price: $359 + Tax

Online Via ZOOM

Oleksandr Oborotov.jpg

Oleksandr Oborotov 

6:00 - 9:00pm 

6:00 - 9:00pm

Canine Guidance Splint in 3Shape Splint Studio
Virtual Training Plan 

Oleksandr Oborotov 

Module: Split Studio INTERFACE 

Topic: Introduction to Splint Studio 


Learning Objectives:

  • Give an overview of Splint Studio Interface (filters, search bar, workflow bar, Work tabs in the upper left corner)


Presentation Structure

  • Live Presentation of the Splint Studio interface, order form


Module: Order form for Splint


  • How to create a patient

  • How to create a case

  • How to order splints on the order form

  • How to scan models for a splint case

  • How to import scans into a splint case


Learning Objectives

How to create a patient and start a case from patients tab

How to create a case from cases tab

How to create a case from a calendar tab

How to start scanning process for a splint

How to import scans into a splint case


Presentation Structure

  • Live Presentation how to create splint cases from various tabs in the upper left corner

  • Splint order form structure

  • Live presentation of the scanning process and scans import.


Module: Splint design 


  • Splint Studio Interface

  • Splint design 


Learning Objectives

  • Splint Studio interface explanation (workflow bar, main    steps and sub steps, instrument panel, icons panel)

  • Preparation step. Instruments choice of 3D printer and material. 

  • Articulator step. Open VDO and locking it. 

  • Blackout step instruments.

  • Wax trimming step.

  • Spline creation step.

  • Splint surface options step 


Presentation Structure

  • Live presentation of the splint studio user interface. 

  • Go through a splint design workflow. 

  • Explain each step and its options in details. 

  • Saving splints to a manufacturing folder.



Oleksandr Oborotov, MA, college degree in metal lathe operator, has 8+ years of experience with CAD/CAM in the dental field. He worked for 3Shape and Argen Canada. He has successfully trained and helped Canadian denturists as well as dentists, implant surgeons, dental technicians all over the world transition their businesses in to the digital dental domain. 


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