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This book is designed to provide, through the execution of some cases, the setting-clinical technique that is almost the same both in the case of rehabilitation interests that a single element, both in the case of more extensive rehabilitation. A rehabilitation that provides for the realization of one or more veneers with a high predictability, ie which has the ambition to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of our patients, requires extremely accurate execution at any time, according to a succession of steps clinical- standard techniques. By the algorithm strictly procedural, the decision to perform minimally invasive restorations will be easily passable and free from hazards.



  • Foreword
  • Thanks
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Diagnosis
  • Mock-up
  • Preparations of teeth
  • Immediate Dentin Sealing
  • Final impression
  • Provisional
  • Type of work
  • Color Detection
  • Choice of ceramic material
  • Preparation of the interface coating-ceramic
  • Layering technique and finishing
  • Re facet of work on integrated
  • Cementation
  • Clinical case


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  • Type : Hardcover

    Specifications : 12"x 9.5"x 1"

    Publication Date : Aug 01, 2014

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