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Plan! This is the underlying concept in this book. Careful observation of natural teeth in terms of shape, form, color, and ­internal structure (dentinal skeleton, incisal plate, and suspension effects) are discussed. The ­starting point of the ­stratification technique proposed in this book is an accurate analysis of the internal structure of ­natural teeth, and is mainly the rational application of rules derived from those found in natural dental elements. The reader is referred to a series of unique ­images showing teeth in section anchored in the oral cavity. This book will help contribute to your professional development!


  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Observation of natural teeth and successive mapping of their internal structure
  • Chapter 2 - Detailed knowledge of the ceramic material used and the repeatable stratification technique
  • Chapter 3 - The incisal edge: the strong point in the expression of an incisor
  • Chapter 4 - Research into form: reproduction by interpreting the basic details of the external appearance of the tooth
  • Chapter 5 - Composite and resin: the provisional prosthesis, integrated crowns, and teeth in a total prosthesis
  • Chapter 6 - Clinical cases
  • Conclusion and Acknowledgements
  • Bibliography

The Incisal Edge: The strong point in the expression of an incisor

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  • Type : Hardcover

    Specifications : 8" x 10" x .75"

    Publication Date : Jan 01, 2009

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