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The solution to complex puzzles is often quite simple. When something that has perplexed us for a long time is finally solved it can be very gratifying to put our minds at rest. Sometimes it can be exasperating too as we might wonder why we did not think of the simple solution first. This applies not only to all walks of life but also dentistry. When it comes to dentistry and performing any restorative or prosthodontic task we are often confronted with this conundrum. Such questions as: “Is it really this difficult?” or “Is there an easier way?” immediately come to mind. The simplification of the art and science of oral rehabilitation is what Michael Racich wishs to share over the course of the following sequence of 33 essays.


The Basic Rules of Oral Rehabilitation will create and simplify for the reader a practical approach for the diagnostic, treatment, and maintenance phases of patient care by providing 33 Basic Rules which are memorable, sequential, and gratifying. Appropriate references are included with each Basic Rule for further study by the reader. The Basic Rules are divided into 4 major sections: The Patients, The Plan, The Process, The Payoff. Each major section of the Basic Rules sequentially leads the reader through the steps necessary for an oral rehabilitation. Although the reader can bypass sections and Basic Rules as they so choose it is recommended to begin with Basic Rule 1 and follow through to #33.

The Basic Rules Of Oral Rehabilitation - eBook

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  • Dr. Michael Racich

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