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Chapter 1: What can be done if you have a large cavity in a tooth or the tooth is fractured?
Chapter 2: When you are about to lose a tooth
Chapter 3: What can be done when you desire a beautiful new smile due to the condition of your front teeth?
Chapter 4: How can I improve my smile when my old crowns and bridges are failing?
Chapter 5: If you were born with missing teeth
Chapter 6: When your teeth are not properly formed
Chapter 7: How can severely worn down teeth be saved and improved?
Chapter 8: When do removable prostheses provide good solutions for tooth loss?
Chapter 9: What can be done when you have to lose all your teeth?
Chapter 10: Solving your denture problems
Chapter 11: If you have a problem with TMJ or facial pain


Excluding GST/HST
  • Specifications : 11” x 15”

    Publication Date : Feb 01, 2010

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