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This book is the result of international collaboration and the subsequent scientific research studies published in noted international journals, while the other part is evidence-based information illustrated by clinical procedures. Interaction with many researchers in universities and industry around the world created the foundation for this project which endeavors to present the principles of matter, describing, from the atom to the structure, the basic properties of ceramics thereby providing a basis by which to understand the applications and failures of this material. Additionally, this book describes the importance between: (1) basic principles and properties as well as the development of experiments to obtain and/or test them; (2) ceramic microstructures, properties and failures; (3) in vitro experiments and clinical applications; and (4) properties and material selection according to the clinical application. Therefore, this book is intended to enhance understanding for students, researchers and clinicians, to expand their knowledge in appropriate experimental design, in selecting an adequate ceramic material based on the clinical application, and in examining clinical failures, thereby improving materials, structures, designs, and clinical performance, which is, after all, the main evidence of a material's clinical success. The intention of this book is to enhance the knowledge of students, researchers and clinicians whith regard to ceramics, adhesion mechanisms, quality research design, material selection and clinical performance of dental ceramics. To this end, this evidence-based textbook presents high quality illustrations and imaging resources, including 3D images, that depict the ceramic microstructures, basic principles and properties, the most popular experimental designs, clinical applications and causes of failure, material selection rationale, as well as evidence regarding adhesive mechanisms for bonding ceramic restorations.


310 pages - 450 illustrations - 3D Anaglyph Images - Glasses included!

Bonding to Ceramics: Scientific Evidences for Clinical Dentistry

Excluding GST/HST
  • Type : Hardcover

    Specifications : 11.81 x 7.28 in

    Publication Date : Jan 01, 2009

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