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Oral Surgery for the GPs:

A Practical Approach

Online Course

with Dr. Larry Gaum DDS, FADSA, FICD, FADI


16 CE Credits for completing 31 lectures

AGD Subject Code: 310

The surgical procedures that you will learn in this online course are the “BREAD and BUTTER” procedures that will allow you to refine and update your surgical skills.


It is important to emphasize that this online course DOES NOT present any major maxillofacial surgery such as osteotomies, fractures, condylectomies, and rhinoplasties, as these are of no practical or clinical value to you the GP dentist.

AGD Subject Code: 310

Part 1:   Introduction (As seen in the video above)

Part 2:   Examination 

Part 3:   Classification & Instrumentation 

Part 4:   Impacted Mandibular 3rd Molars Vertical & Mesio-Angular 

Part 5:   Impacted Mandibular 3rd Molars Horizontal & Disto-Angular 

Part 6:   Impacted Maxillary 3rd Molars 

Part 7:   Erupted Mandibular 3rd Molars 

Part 8:   Erupted Maxillary 3rd Molars 

Part 9:   Erupted Mandibular Molars (Surgical, One Piece) 

Part 10: Erupted Maxillary Molars (Surgical, One Piece) 

Part 11: Erupted Mandibular Molars (Surgical Sectioning) 

Part 12: Erupted Maxillary Molars (Surgical Sectioning) 

Part 13: Anterior Maxillary Roots

Part 14: Diminished Traumatic Extractions 

Part 15: Follow Basic Surgical Procedures 

Part 16: Post-Operative Consideration 

Part 17: Surgical Removal of a Mucocele 

Part 18: Surgical Removal of a Bony Cyst

Part 19: Surgical Removal of Hyperplastic Tissue 

Part 20: Surgical Removal Of A Fibroma Surgical Removal 

Part 21: Surgical Removal of a Torus (Part 1) 

Part 22: Surgical Removal of a Torus (Part 2) 

Part 23: Surgical Exposure of an Impacted Cuspid (Part 1) 

Part 24: Surgical Exposure of an Impacted Cuspid (Part 2) 

Part 25: Surgical Removal of a Frenum (Part 1) 

Part 26: Surgical Removal of a Frenum (Part 2) 

Part 27: Incision and Drainage 

Part 28: The "Art" Mandibular Block 

Part 29: Treatment of Dry Sockets 

Part 30: Suturing and the Square Knot 

Part 31: Post-Operative Considerations 


Toronto Implant Academy (TIA) Nationally Approved PACE Program Provider for FAGD/MAGD credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by any regulatory authority or AGD endorsement. 

Provider ID# 355116

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Return Policy- The online video courses are non-refundable. 


Copyright- All Video parts are protected by North America and International Copyright laws. Reproduction and distribution of any part without written permission of the sponsor is prohibited.


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