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Lecture : 8:30AM - 12:30PM

4 CE Points

Live + Streamed online

Speakers and Topics:
8:30am- 9:50am: 
Why intraoral scanning is the gateway to practice growth


This lecture will cover the following : 

  • Data Acquisition

  • Full Analog Workflow

  • Analog/Digital workflow

  • Full Digital Workflow

  • Demo

  • Digital Implant Workflow

  • Financial Impact

Milan Jovanovic.jpg

Milan Jovanovic 


 9:50am- 11:10am: 
Practical Approach to IOS Scanning and Printing


Intraoral scanning equipment captures digital impressions of the mouth to form a high-detail 3D scan, but they often create incomplete meshes or uneven bases. These become problems in SLA printing because:

  • Non-manifold meshes do not form a complete, watertight object and generally have missing pieces.

  • A level surface is needed as a base in order to adhere to the build platform and reduce post-processing work.

  • Digital impressions are required for any case that will use 3D printed models, such as clear aligners, splints, Hawley retainers, or occlusal guards.

  • Before you start 3D printing there’s a simple but crucial step: You need to clean up the scanned impression and design a digital model that can be 3D printed.


This lecture will deal with how to use the free software Meshmixer to prepare a dental 3D intraoral scan for 3D printing. 



Mark Chan



 11:10am- 12:30pm: 
Implant Planning And Design Software​


A look at Exoplan design of a All On case

Benoit Laroche


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