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Lecture : 8:30AM - 12:30PM

4 CE Points

Live + Streamed Online

Speakers and Topics:
8:30am- 9:50am: 
Enhancing Printed and Milled Dentures incorporating Bredent Red/White composite’s.


An introduction to using light cure composite resins to enhance fabricated dentures.


Lecture will show how to create enhanced esthetics using the Bredent Red/white composite system along with the Bredent Brelux light cure unit.

Ria  Mozhina .jpeg

Ria Mozhina

Lisa  Headshot.jpg

Lisa Coffin


 9:50am- 11:10am: 
Simplify Digital Dentures


Step by step workflow of designing digital dentures with the latest exocad software.



Benoit Laroche


 11:10am- 12:30pm: 
Beyond the Basics -- Snoring/Sleep Apnea


This course is designed to reinforce the basics for practitioners who have yet to or have just started to implement the treatment of Snoring or Sleep Apnea into their practices. We will discuss proper impression techniques and important anatomical landmarks. How to take and set a proper protrusive record using a George Guage. We will discuss titration and verification of the device's efficiency using a MediByte Home Sleep Study or Oxygen Sensor. In office pre-screening forms and standard forms to Physicians will be illustrated.

At the end of this seminar, each practitioner should feel more prepared to provide the treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea to their Clientele.

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Patrick J. Strong


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