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Orthodontic Course for General Practitioners

Dr. Hossein Arbabzadeh, (From Iran) DDS, MSc in Orthodontics

7 Sessions: 5 Theory - 2 Hands-On
42 CE Credits (Category 2)
Starting from September 2023


September 23-24  (Hybrid Lecture)     
September 30th - October 1st  (Hybrid Lecture)     
October 15th  (Hybrid Lecture)     
October 21st - 22nd (Hands-on)

42 CE Points

AGD Subject Code : 370

7 Day Course Fee : $4750 + HST

Breakfast, Break and Lunch Included

Location : Toronto, ON

Lecture Dates : September 23-24,  September 30th - October 1st, October 15th 


Hands-On Sessions: October 21st - 22nd

Schedule : 9.00AM - 5.00PM

About Course
Course Outline

This education program addresses practicing and approbated dental professionals interested in increasing their knowledge, improve patient experience, and increase revenue Mastership is accomplished by training in hands-on seminars and clinical operatory sessions.

  • Identify ideal cases to start incorprating orthodontic cases with Fixed system or Clear Aligners treatment in your practices including Orthodontic letters and forms 

  • Compile the required Diagnostic records - Digital photography, treatment chart, study models, digital scanning, cephalometric, panorex, periodontal exam. 

  • Basic Biomechanics and its implication in Orthodontics 

  • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning (Extraction or Non-Extraction, Growth Modification, and Early treatments, Surgery or Camuflage, etc) 

  • Growth and Development, Phase I & Removable ex pansion appliances / Fixed brackets, Readjusted Appliance 

  • Different Archwires, elastics, power chain, open coils, separators, banding of molars 

  • Retention, Cases; Before and After 

About Dr. Hossein Arbabzadeh, (From Iran) DDS-MS Orthodontics

Dr. Arbabzadeh is also the co-founder and an executive director of Eversmiles. He graduated as a DDS in 1990 from Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, Iran. In 1996, he attended Mashhad university where he obtained his Masters in Orthodontics. Dr. Arbabzadeh has been practicing Orthodontics for 23 years in Iran. He was exclusively practicing orthodontics even when he was a general practitioner which makes him well informed about the challenges general practitioners face when they practice orthodontics along with their general dental practice. Dr. Arbabzadeh has treated more than 6,000 orthodontic cases in his private practice.


This background enabled Dr. Arbabzadeh to design a course which would assist GPs to practice orthodontic more confidently.He is a member of the board Iranian orthodontics association and recently he has been the President of 16th Annual Conventions Iranian association of Orthodontists. He is a WFO member and had made numerous Lectures and presentations in international and Local congresses and symposiums. Main interests in Orthodontics are Digital Orthodontics and clear aligners and combination therapy of fixed and clear orthodontics for more complex cases.

In Partnership With
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CE Provider:


Toronto Implant Academy (TIA)

Nationally Approved PACE Program Provider for FAGD/MAGD credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by any regulatory authority or AGD endorsement. 9-1-2022 to 8-31-2025. Provider ID# 355116

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