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Lecture : 8:30AM - 12:30PM

4 CE Points

Online Via ZOOM

Speakers and Topics:
8:30am- 9:50am: 
A new approach to fixed prosthetic: the OT Bridge Technique


The Ot Bridge Technique: a new approach to fixed prosthetics.

During this lesson we will analyse the technical options and clinical advantages offered by this innovative technique for fixed restorations. A precise comparation with the traditional MUA’s components will offer a complete picture to the colleagues learning all the features of the OT Equator abutment and the Seeger ring component. Beginning with the traditional manual working techniques we will move to the most advanced cad-cam applications describing the digital work-flow and the proper prosthetic project planning. A particular focus will be directed to overcoming some of the most delicate issues related to implantology as facing severe implant divergences and dealing with “unknown” dental implants in the patient’s mouth.


Dr. Emiliano Ferrari

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 9:50am- 11:10am: 
Practical Tips in Implant Dentistry for Registered Dental Technicians


Implant Dentistry has changed the landscape of our planning and treatment options. Not only have patients benefited but as well so have health professionals and commercial interests. The profession is continually inundated with the advertising of new products and techniques and it can be challenging to differentiate between “fact and fiction”, and between “miracle materials vs. mighty marketing”. This seminar will cover many of the “PRACTICAL TIPS” from Dr. Arlin’s clinical experience and illustrate what has worked in his clinical practice (and what doesn’t) and as well scrutinize the published literature so together to demonstrate if commercial claims are consistent or not, with the evidence.         


Learning Objectives:    

  • Learn about practical tips in Implant Dentistry

  • Cover specific practical tips pertinent to each team member

  • Appreciate the components of “Evidence Based Dentistry”

  • How to critically analyze advertising claims and publications

  • Explore the value of the clinical practice experience

  • Learn about the limitations of the clinical practice experience


Dr. Murray Arlin

DDS. Dip. Perio.


 11:10am- 12:30pm: 
Technology, the Ultimate link between Artistry and Function!


This meeting will discuss how modern-day technologies, combined with innovative restorative materials, are positively impacting the quality of prosthetics and efficiency of clinical workflows! These factors combine to create more effective communication while facilitating a synergetic partnership between clinician, technician, and surgeon!


Today, these technologies are influencing almost every aspect of restorative dentistry: from digital dentures to all-on-X restorative procedures and even nightguards to single crown fabrication. By utilizing advanced diagnostic and surgical planning software, guided surgery techniques and latched conversion processes, the surgeon now plays an integral part in guaranteeing a predictable restorative outcome. When these technologies are used effectively, it allows for more predictable implant placement, which in return helps with faster prosthetic turnaround times. Ultimately this results in less clinical appointments which produces more economical and functional prosthetics. The largest impact these materials and technologies are having can be seen in the removable part of the industry! Exceptional advancements in additive technologies and printable polymers are also playing a prominent role in advancing these products into the 21st century!


Today's innovative technologies brings the surgical and restorative teams together with multiple new restorative avenues and options.

By showing case studies, this presentation will provide the restorative team with the information required to restore their patients more economically and with greater efficiency.


Learning objectives:

  • Guided surgery from planning to final prosthesis

  • Hybrid restorative process – One hybrid, two appointments

  • Innovative restorative materials – More esthetic & functional than ever

  • Profitable digital denture and nightguard workflows 


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Conrad J Rensburg

 Jack Marrano


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All DTA courses are approved by National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL)

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