PMG combines the best features of print and online media, enabling advertisers to increase the visibility of their products and traffic on their website

Email Marketing

Digital Edition Benefits to our Advertisers:


  • Company ads live online forever! PMG’s archives are always available online.

  • All magazines are digitized and all logos that appear in the ads are linked to the company’s website.

  • A click on the logo redirects the readers to the advertiser’s website.


We give our readers “free” reasons to come back to our websites by offering additional free content such as:


  • Additional articles not seen in print

  • Free book chapters (PDF formats).

  • Online CE tests

  • Event calendars


Digital Advertising Opportunities:


  • Digital Opportunities

  • Targeted E-blasts

  • E-Flyers

  • Digital Reprints

  • Digital Banners

  • Marketing Videos

  • Digital Surveys

  • Social Media & Promotion

  • Social Media for Branding

  • Social Media & your Website

  • Social Media & Events

  • Social Media & Sales