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Zirconia- The Power of Light

By Aldo Zilio


Price: $69.00

High resolution downloadable pdf files- 275 pages,

This highly requested international speaker and author, offers the reader multiple solutions for achieving success in working with Zirconia. Thanks to his vast experience with Zirconia, the author describes, in his 11 chapters text and 1200 outstanding images, his step-by-step approach to creating zirconia solutions for many different types of cases.


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By Alberto Battistelli, Dario Severino, Oto La Manna


Price: $69.00

High resolution downloadable pdf files- 319 pages,  


This text, though written as an operational handbook for people just starting out or for those who want to begin again, has sunk its roots into the hard sciences (mathematics and geometry) and into the most ancient of artistic techniques, entrusting a system of innovative images not just with the technique but also the magic and excitement of expressiveness.


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Fascinating All- Ceramics-Oliver

Fascinating All- Ceramics 

By Oliver Brix

Price: $69.00

High resolution downloadable pdf files- 295 pages

In 15 chapters and 1200 images, of the highest quality and resolution, featuring special 3d printing, the author describes in minute details how to use lithium disilicate by presenting clinical cases that he has worked on in cooperation with other world renown clinicians.


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Aesthetic & Function

By Claudio Nannini

Price: $69.00

High resolution downloadable pdf files- 338 pages

Methodologies for Dental Clinics and Dental Laboratories in different languages: Italian, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Portugese


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By Alberto Battistelli

Price: $69.00

High resolution downloadable pdf files- 110 pages

AFG provides a classification of the cusps through the use of simple letters that start from the right with letter A and ending to the left with letter P. The palatal cusps are named with the same letters by adding the number 1. There is only a rudimentary cusp in the palatal area of the maxillary 6th (Carabelli) which is denoted by the greek letter omega.


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Early Orthodontic Treatment

By Dr. Brock Randeau

Price: $29.00

High resolution downloadable pdf files- 248 pages

How children’s malocclusions are treated in the mixed dentition can not only affect their self-esteem but also their long term health. Dr. Rondeau, masterfully, reviews analyses and offers strategies for achieving consistent success in Early Orthodontic Treatment.


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The Basic Rules (Set of 4)

By Dr. Mike Racich

Price 1 set (4 Books):  $49.00

Price Each (1 Book) :  $19.00


High resolution downloadable zip folder- 4 Books 

Dr. Mike Racich simplifies four important concepts that must be followed by all successful clinicians in a concise and practical manner.