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CBCT Course

With a Hands-On Workshop

Dr. Farzad Danesh

MSc, FRCD(C), Endodontist

4th November, 2022

7.5 CE Points

AGD Subject Code : 070

Full Day Course Fee : $749 + HST

Breakfast, Break and Lunch Included

Location : Shaw Lab Group - 105 Bentworth Avenue, Unit 1 North York, Ontario M6A 1P6

Date : 4th November. 2022

Schedule : 8.30AM - 5.00PM

About Course
Course Description

This comprehensive course will walk you through the essentials needed for daily endodontic procedures. A case-based diagnosis provides you with a step-by-step and systematic approach to reach a diagnosis. You will learn how to select your patients based on the difficulty assessment tool and manage hot teeth. The fun part of Endodontics – cleaning & shaping and obturation – will be elaborated upon, so that you will be comfortable with negotiation of narrow canals, root canal preparation, and 3D obturation using the state of the art continuous wave compaction technique.


Cone beam CT scan and ultrasonics are facilitators and will assist you with the diagnosis and endodontic procedure. The hands-on part of this course will teach various machine-driven endodontic instruments (from Dentsply Sirona), continuous wave of compaction, multiple wave of compaction, and ultrasonics. 

Learning objectives of the hands-on course
  • Learn to use ultrasonic instruments to locate canals Learn to create a predictable glide path

  • Learn to instrument narrow canals Learn to obturate canals tri- dimensionally

Course Overview

Lecture : 8.30AM - 12.30PM

  • Endodontic diagnosis

    • Case-based diagnosis

    • Difficult diagnosis

  • Patient selection and control

    • Case difficulty assessment

    • Advanced anesthetic techniques 

  • Cleaning and shaping of the root canal system

    • Fundamental

    • Rotary and reciprocating techniques

    • Effective irrigation techniques

  • Obturation of the root canal system

    • Fundamental

    • Warm vertical compaction concept


Lecture : 1.30PM - 2.30PM  

  • Introduction to use of Ultrasonics in Endodontics

    • Fundamental

    • Assist to locate canal orifices

  • Introduction to cone beam CT scan applications in Endodontics              

    • Fundamental

    • Assist to diagnose crack and vertical root fracture

Hands-On : 2.45PM - 5.00PM  

  • Access cavity refinement and locating canals via ultrasonic instruments

  • Negotiation and instrumentation of calcified and curved canals

  • Obturation of the canals cleaned and shaped during the course

Course Outline
About Dr. Farzad Danesh

Dr. Farzad Danesh is a certified endodontist and has been in Endodontic Practice for 30 years. He graduated from Tehran University, Iran, in 1993 with a specialty and an MSc degree in Endodontics; and became a Fellow of Royal College of the Dentists of Canada in Endodontics, FRCD(C) in 2013. His expertise lies in training dentists through oral presentations and hands-on courses. 

Academically, Dr. Danesh became an adjunct clinical professor at the University of Western Ontario, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry in 2012. He has published articles in international peer-reviewed journals. His latest article was published in Ontario Dentist Journal in April 2020 on differential diagnosis of vertical root fracture, cracked tooth, and perforation. 

Dr. Danesh is a FRCD(C), member of the Royal College of the Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO), member of Ontario Dental Association (ODA), member of American Association of Endodontists (AAE), and Ontario Society of Endodontists (OSE). 

You can reach him on

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CE Provider:


Toronto Implant Academy (TIA)

Nationally Approved PACE Program Provider for FAGD/MAGD credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by any regulatory authority or AGD endorsement. 9/1/2019-8/31/2022. Provider ID# 355116

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