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Ceramics / Zirconia

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Graftless reconstructive-SD-V21N1-Feb2022.jpg

Graftless Reconstructive Solutions: Where Minimally Invasive Meets New Materails

Dr. Fortunato Alfonsi, Odt. Marco Stoppacioli

Pro-Arch Restoration.png

Pro-Arch Restoration With PEKK Beam And Monolithic Zirconium Oxide, Can We Plan For Success?

Odt. Master Patrick Zimmermann, Odt. Dominik Mader, Odt. Erwin Eitler, Odt. Gabriel Willauer

Anterior Full Ceramic.png

Anterior Full Ceramic Crown After A Complicated Fracture of the Natural Tooth

Dr. Juergen Manhart, DDS; Hubert Schenk, CDT

Biomechanics and tech dev.png

Biomechanics and technical development of implant supported all-ceramic prostheses on Cr-Co-bars

Germano Rossi, DT; Dr. Alessandro Bianchi, Dr. Sergjo Bortolini, Dr. Manuel Nanni, Valeria Cannillo, DT; Dr. Francois Lelievre

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